Dealing with License Key Errors

NeuroExplorer requires either a physical USB license key or a software (cloud) license key to operate.

Sentinel USB license key:


Dinkey USB license key:


Make sure to install the correct version of NeuroExplorer.

If you purchased a USB license key:

If you purchased a cloud (software) license key:

Sentinel drivers need to be installed so that NeuroExplorer can communicate with Sentinel license keys. These drivers are installed when you run NeuroExplorer setup (NeuroExplorer5Setup64.exe).

Dinkey license keys or cloud license keys do not require Windows drivers.

Error Messages and Troubleshooting



Unable to find license key

Follow instructions in Unable to Find Key Message.

Sentinel key does not have version 5 license

You are using NeuroExplorer version 3 or version 4 Sentinel key. Follow instructions in Sentinel Key Does Not Have Version 5 License.

Unable to read Sentinel key data

Contact NeuroExplorer technical support ( Sentinel key may be damaged.

Unable to initialize Sentinel library

Follow instructions in Make Sure Sentinel Drivers are Installed.