Importing Data From Matlab

This how-to guide explains how to transfer data from Matlab to NeuroExplorer.

You can create spike trains (1 x N or N x 1 matrices with timestamps in seconds) or continuous variables in Matlab and transfer them to NeuroExplorer on the fly. Here is how to do this:

  • Select File | New menu command.

  • Select Matlab | Get Data From Matlab | Open Matlab As Engine menu command. NeuroExplorer will open Matlab as engine.


When you run Open Matlab as Engine menu command, a new instance of Matlab is opened. This instance will have no variables in its workspace. Therefore, you need to create (or load from file) the data you want to transfer to NeuroExplorer.

After your data is available in Matlab, select one of the Matlab | Get Data From Matlab menu commands to transfer the data to NeuroExplorer.