Dealing with Unknown File Format Error

This guide explains how NeuroExplorer imports data files created by data acquisition systems.

NeuroExplorer supports more than 50 file formats and tries to identify the data file type from the file extension.

Some file extensions are used by several file formats and NeuroExplorer may be unable to identify what is the file format of the selected file.

For example, a .nev file can be either a Neuralynx data file or Ripple Neuro data file.

Here is what you can do in this situation:

  • Use specific File | Import Data sub-menu (Plexon Data File, Neuralynx Data File, etc.) to open your data file

  • Specify what file format corresponds to a specific file extension

    • Select View | Data Import Options… menu command

    • Click the File Extensions… button

    • Select file extension in the left column,

    • Click in the right column and select the file type for the extension: