Importing Data from Excel

This how-to guide explains how to use Copy/Paste to add data variables to NeuroExplorer.

To paste the following two timestamped variables (BarPress and Reward) from a spreadsheet to NeuroExplorer:


In Excel:

  • Select the cell range with both variables (A1 to B4)

  • Select Home | Copy command


In NeuroExplorer:

  • Select Data view of a file in NeuroExplorer

  • Select the Timestamps tab of the Data view

  • Right-click and select Paste menu command:


NeuroExplorer will create two new Event variables and add them to the file.


Using similar approach (copy in Excel and paste in NeuroExplorer) you can import continuous variables (right-click in the Continuous tab) and time intervals (right-click in the Intervals tab).

You need to save the file (use File | Save… or File | SaveAs… menu command) to make this change permanent.