First Spike Train Analysis

By the end of this tutorial, you will learn the basic analysis workflow in NeuroExplorer (open data file, select analysis, run analysis, view numerical results, save the results).

  • Select File | Open menu command:

  • Select TestDataFile5.nex file and click OK in the Open dialog. NeuroExplorer will load the test data file:

  • Select analysis type by clicking the Interspike Interval Histograms line in the Analyses panel:

  • NeuroExplorer will open Analysis Properties dialog. Click OK in the dialog:

  • NeuroExplorer will open a new window with graphical analysis results:

  • You can save graphical analysis results using Results | Graphical Results menu commands:

  • Select View | Numerical Results Window menu command:

  • NeuroExplorer will open a new window with numerical analysis results:

  • Click the Summary tab and the bottom of the numerical results window. NeuroExplorer will open a new window with the summary statistics such as mean firing rate and median interspike interval:

  • You can save numerical analysis results using Results | Numerical Results menu commands:


Congratulations! You performed your first data analysis in NeuroExplorer!