All Pairwise Correlations for a Group of Neurons

The main idea presented here is that in many analyses you can specify multiple reference events and NeuroExplorer will display the results as rows or columns of graphs.

By the end of this tutorial, you will learn how to calculate all pairwise crosscorrelograms for a group of neurons.

  • Select File | Open menu command:

  • Select TestDataFile5.nex file and click OK in the Open dialog. NeuroExplorer will load the test data file:

  • Select analysis type by clicking the Crosscorrelograms line in the Analyses panel:

  • Click Multiple Reference Events (one for each column of graphs) and then click the Reference Events button:

  • In the Reference Events List dialog, click Remove All and then click Add All Variables Selected For Analysis button:

  • Now we have all the neurons selected as reference events. Click OK button in the Reference Events List dialog:

  • Click OK in the Analysis Properties dialog. NeuroExplorer opens a new window with graphical analysis results.


We calculated all 36 pairwise crosscorrelograms for 6 neurons.