Improvements in NeuroExplorer in 2018-2019

Here is the list of new features and improvements in NeuroExplorer that were implemented in 2018-2019:

Version 5.128
Operations on Data Variables dialog generates Python script.

Version 5.127
Added code to import annotations from EDF+ files.

Version 5.126
Variables incompatible with current analysis are automatically deselected.
Added Select Variables page to all Analysis Properties dialogs.

Version 5.125
Added Band Energy versus Time analysis.
Added ability to save and restore custom Y axis minimums and maximums in 1D data viewer.

Version 5.120
Added option not to concatenate selected data points in Power Spectral Densities for Continuous analysis.

Version 5.119
Added calculation of minimum, maximum, mean and standard deviation of the visible values of a continuous or waveform variable in Raster analysis. The values of minimum etc. are shown in the Summary page of Numerical Results.

Version 5.117
Added Firing Rates analysis.

Version 5.116
MakeIntervals function allows overlapping intervals. After the initial pass, the overlapping intervals are merged.
When creating interval filter on the fly, added option to merge overlapping intervals.
Added ActivateWindow and CloseWindow scripting functions.

Version 5.115
Enabled import of unsorted spikes when running in Plexon Online mode.
Added functions returning lists of variables and lists of variable names.

Version 5.114
Added import of 3Brain data files.
Added options to specify how variable names are generated.

Version 5.110
Added CV2 analysis.
Added option to subtract reference channel to Detect Spikes analysis.
Added option to specify custom root folder for local files.
Added color scale to 1D Data Viewer.
Added menu command to edit variable metadata.