Data Import

NeuroExplorer can read native data files created by many popular data acquisition systems (see table below). In addition, several companies have implemented export of recorded data as .nex or .nex5 files.

NeuroExplorer can also analyze data online during recording session. Plexon, Neuralynx, Alpha Omega and Blackrock recording systems are supported in the online mode.

NeuroExplorer can also import data from text files and get the data from Matlab and Excel.

Data acquisition system Files with these extensions can be opened in NeuroExplorer
3Brain .brw, .bxr
Alpha Omega Engineering .isi, .lsm, .map, .mat, .mpx, .nda
Axion Biosystems .raw
Axon Instruments .abf
Blackrock Microsystems .nev, .ns1, .ns2, .ns3, .ns4, .ns5, .ns6, .ns7, .ns8, .ns9
CED Spike-2 .smr, .smrx
Cortex (no specified extension, use File | Import | Cortex menu command)
DataWave Technologies .act, .cut, .dat, .edt, .uff
European Data Format .edf
g.Tec Medical Engineering g.Recorder .hdf5
Intan Technologies .rhd, .rhs (time.dat, amplifier.dat and other .dat files are loaded automatically when .rhd or .rhs file is open)
KlustaSuite spike sorting software .kwik
MED64 (Panasonic, Alpha MED Scientific) .csv, .modat
Multichannel Systems .mcd, .msrd
Neuralynx .dat, .nev, .ncs, .nse, .nst, .nts, .ntt, .nvt, .t
NeuroExplorer .nex, .nex5
Open ePhys .continuous, .events, .spikes
Plexon .ddt, .pl2, .plx, .spk
RC Electronics .prm
Ripple Neuro .nev, .nf1, .nf2, .nf3, .nf4, .nf5, .nf6, .nf7, .nf8, .nf9
Thomas Recording WAV file .wav
Tucker-Davis Technologies .sev, .tbk, .tdx, .tev, .tin, .tnt, .tsq
Text file with timestamps .txt
Text file with continuous data .txt

File Import Options

File import options can be set in the Data Import dialog (use View | Data Import Options
menu command to invoke the dialog).